**Earlybirds are currently out of stock, expect a two to three week turn around when ordering for the time being.**

This is our Earlybird, based on the classic Marshall Bluesbreaker circuit. First and foremost, we took the classic Bluesbreaker circuit and just about double the volume. As some of you may know, the original Bluesbreaker circuit suffered from a very weak volume output and we have alleviated that with our Earlybird. We’ve changed a few component values as well to fatten up the tone a little and add a little bit more gain sweep to the pedal.

In the Earlybird you will notice that all three knobs play off of each other quite a bit. When you roll the gain back, it will change the character of the tone and volume also and the same goes for rolling the gain all the way up. So use your volume and tone knobs to dial it in once you change the gain. This is one of the characteristics of the original Bluesbreaker that we liked, it gives it a bit of a different feel than your standard overdrive. Check out the comparison demo that Curtis Kent did below to really see the changes we made to the original circuit.

This pedal takes 9V DC power (center negative) and is wired true-bypass.


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