White Drive

Limited Edition Midnight Drive

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Limited Edition White Midnight Drive! We are only making 10 of these! Get them while you can.


This is our Midnight Drive, it’s a combination of our Velvet Drive and Juggy Boost. Together you get both the individual circuits to utilize and the ability to stack them both. You’ll find that stacked these two circuits work in great harmony. The Juggy Boost takes the Velvet Drive into soaring lead tones that are sure to cut through the mix, this is perfect if you’re looking for two stages of volume and gain. If you’re looking for a higher gain overdrive with a lot of volume, this pedal will fit that bill as well when stacked due to the Juggy adding it’s own bit of dirt into the tone of the Velvet Drive. This pedal is set with the Velvet Drive on the input side and the Juggy Boost on the output side.

This pedal takes 9V DC power (center negative) and is wired true-bypass. 
(Check the individual circuit’s pages to see more in depth descriptions for both of them).


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