Velvet Drive

Velvet Drive

This is our Velvet Drive, our take on the classic 808 overdrive. We’ve taken the classic circuit and made some revisions to it that we feel bring it to a new and great sounding level. First we focused on removing a little bit of that mid-hump the 808 is notorious for so you won’t sit so far in front of the mix when playing live. Then we added our bass boost toggle to fatten up the tone when needed. Along with those changes, we’ve added and changed some component values to put our own flavor on the character of the clipping, sweep of the tone knob, and other aspects.

With three simple knobs and a toggle, you’ll easily get accustomed to shaping the tone of the pedal. However, even with just three knobs you have a lot of tonal capability as the volume, tone, and gain with the bass boost all play off of each other. Stack this pedal with other overdrives, distortions, and fuzzes and you’ll see exactly where this pedal shines the most.


This pedal takes 9V DC power (center negative) and is wired true-bypass. 


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